Taylor 8/25!!

Maayong buntag tanan! MISC: 1. This past week, we traveled back to Cebu (8 hours away from our area) for our mission conference for three days. Elder Haynie of the Philippines Area Presidency spoke to us about many things but mostly prayer and its purpose. I don’t have the luxury of going into everything but … Continue reading Taylor 8/25!!

Taylor 8/17!!

*On a side note, the second picture shows Taylor with her new companion and the Elder on the far left is Elder Jake Germaine from the next ward over from us. Taylor is friends with his sisters. He is training Elder Gali one of Taylor’s “little brothers” from the MTC. 3 missionaries from our Stake … Continue reading Taylor 8/17!!

Taylor 8/11

Musta kamo! Another quick email, I wish I could go into detail about everything that happens but I just don’t have time. I also only have about ten minutes to send out an email. Arrived to Cebu this morning and I’ll just be here at the mission home for a day or two and then … Continue reading Taylor 8/11

Taylor!! 8/7

Below is Taylor’s first email from the Philippines and once she is settled in Cebu, because of the time change her emails should come on Tuesday nights. You can still send her Dear Elder letters, but now they have a mailing cost and go to the mission home. She is currently at the Philippines MTC. … Continue reading Taylor!! 8/7

Taylor 7/31

Musta kamo, MISC: I’ve been pretty sick the last couple days :(. So I apologize to those of you who have written me letters, I havent had any energy this week but know I love you. Today is my last Pday in the MTC!! Next time you hear from me, I will be in the … Continue reading Taylor 7/31