Taylor 7/24!

Kamusta kamo tanan! Kwan, Kapoy ako adlaw tungod kay pinaka dugon sa mga adlaw pero gihigugma siya nako. Pinaka nindot siya! (Hows it going you guys! Man, Im so tired everyday cause the days are so long but I love what I am doing. It’s so special!) MISC: This week has been my favorite so … Continue reading Taylor 7/24!

Taylor!! 7/17

Aloha Friday everyone, MISC: So my birthday is next week! It will be pretty boring compared to how I usually spend my birthdays (skydiving, hiking, surfing, cliff jumping). But that’s okay. I might just have to go to the gym on my birthday and do 3,922 steps on the elliptical and pretend I’m hiking Stairway … Continue reading Taylor!! 7/17

Taylor 7/3

Aloha friends! Man, Pdays are like a ticking time bomb. Its funny because we only have an hour to email so when we’re in the computer lab, you can hear everyone pounding on their keyboards trying to type fast. THANK YOU EVERYONE who sent me letters through DearElder.com. I can’t tell you how much your … Continue reading Taylor 7/3